Cate Collins’ life and work experience in the counselling, coaching and speaking business has given her insightful and superior skills to create transformative products to help any successful leader navigate their powerful journey to enhance their success.

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Playful Meditation for the Busy Mind.

The full set of all 4 resources, including the one’s below, 
are available on USB drive with each live presentation. 

Is Your Underwear Too Tight? Learn the letting go formula.

10 Tips to Letting Go

Imagine feeling calm, confident, productive and playful. This resource is ideal for anyone who has a lot of stress, worry and possibly anxiety and welcomes these tools to be game changers for their success in life, work and family.

After Loss Healing Journey

Addresses death of a loved one. You or someone you know facing the uncharted journey of grief? Imagine embracing your feelings with support, kindness and love and being shown the way ahead.

These tools will help you/someone you know navigate the grief journey with hope, support and knowing that you will get through this. You are not alone.

Life After Loss

Divorce, separation or an estranged relationship takes its toll on your body, mind and spirit. Cate helps you embrace your loss with a new set of eyes. For some, getting stuck in some part of the grief process is common and sometimes we need a little help to gently move to the next phase. If you or someone you know needs to move on, get unstuck and feel freer from past relationship pain this is for you


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