Are You Listening To What Your Mind Is Telling You?

by | Jul 13, 2021

What if you paid attention to the feedback in your life? To something you think about?

You see, most of us are on autopilot.  We’re busy doing, rather than being. We’re caught on that stress treadmill.

As I’ve shared before, a wonderful indigenous friend of mine, Jean Cliff shared with me, his four rooms, and I’ve simply tweaked them based on my extensive experience.

Jean says that in his tribe, in order for them to have balance, in order for them to own their power, in order for them to step into their purpose, it’s important that daily, they enter each of these four rooms.

They are:

Mentally Fit Room
Emotionally Fit Room
Physically Fit Room
Spiritually Fit Room or The Foundation

Over the next four weeks, I’m going to be taking down each of my rooms and asking you to pay attention to the feedback in your life.

Let’s take a moment to imagine yourself walking into your mentally fit room. What feedback is your mind telling you to pay attention to?

1. is it telling you to slow down?
2. is it telling you that you’re overwhelmed?
3. is it telling you that you’re doing that obsessive thinking again?
4. is it telling you that you’ve got to quiet your mind?

So my invitation is to:

  1. Take the 10-second pause and get clear about what it is your mind’s telling you that you need to do because it’s always there. The wisdom has always been there.
  2. Decide what’s the one activity you can do that’s going to have the greatest impact. Maybe it’s five minutes of meditation in the morning or at night for seven days. Maybe it’s that you’re going to hang outside a little bit more. Just allow yourself to relax.

I’d love to hear what you are going to pay attention to and what activity you are going to try to commit to doing for the next 7 days. Send me an email ([email protected]) and let me know.

BE more kind to yourself.
BE more compassionate.
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.

Remember, you are a Powerhouse.

Wishing you a powerful week.

Resilient Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach & Retreat Facilitator

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