Are You “Should-ing” On Yourself?

by | Mar 30, 2022

To continue with the Reclaim Your Power series, today we are entering room # 2 from my book, The Powerhouse In You. This is your Emotionally Fit Room.

I want you to ask yourself today, “How have I been feeling lately?

You see if inside you are feeling this tremendous amount of guilt about never being enough, or never doing enough; then the tragedy is that it’s robbing you. This kind of guilt robs you of your joy, and more importantly, it robs you of being in your precious present.

When you are guilting yourself, what you’re doing is should-ing” on yourself. Today, I invite you to not “should” on yourself. And yes, you read that correctly! I said, should, not the other word!

So for this week, I want you to be thinking about taking your power back.

Taking your power back simply means being connected at this moment to how you’re feeling. A great exercise is to just take some deep breaths throughout your day, close your eyes and ask yourself, “How am I feeling?”

What’s coming up for you when you do this? Is it sadness? Is it anger? Is it feeling like you can never please everyone?

You see, that’s where we start. If you are feeling a certain way, then you can act on that, right?

I’m sure we all know certain people in our lives who will guilt trip us no matter what, “Till the cows come home!”

So you need to be in this state of being comfortable with yourself, and with loving yourself, especially now more than ever during this time of unrest for all of us. You need to ask yourself,

How am I loving myself right now?

Because if You are loving You, it’s much easier for you to say No.

It’s much easier for you to say, “I’m not making that call right now because my heart is not in it“.

If someone says to me, “Oh you’re never around” or “We miss you so much, you’re never calling us“, it’s a matter of being in a space where you can hear what they’re saying and not let it have a grip on you.

One of my favorite quotes is “Wear the world like a loose garment“.

I would love for you to select one thing that I’ve shared here and implement it over the next 7 days. Send me an email and let me know which one you picked. I love hearing what works for others!

Take care of yourself and have a Powerful Day!

Remember, you are a POWERHOUSE.

BE more kind to yourself.
BE more compassionate.
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.

Wishing you a powerful week.

Resilient Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach & Retreat Facilitator

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