Do You Feel More Like A Human Doer Than A Human Being?

by | Aug 16, 2022

This week, you are in your third room, your Physically Fit Room. This room, along with the three others, your Mentally Fit Room, your Emotionally Fit Room, and your Spiritually Fit Room, are all based on my book The Powerhouse In You: How to lead with greater resilience, courage, and confidence.

As you know, the theme of this 4 part series is The Power Of Being Versus Doing. Don’t you feel like we have become human doers? Sometimes I feel like a Transformer in that I transform into different roles and need my armour to handle what is being thrown at me. 

We know as human beings that that isn’t helpful to us. 

What I want you to be thinking about is much like a daisy. We know that the gardener needs to:

  • Water their beautiful flowers
  • Pull the weeds, the things that are not serving the flowers well
  • Make sure they get enough sunlight
  • Make sure they are not being overcrowded by other flowers

If the gardener doesn’t do these things, the daisies will begin to wilt and eventually die.

The same thing happens with your own body. 

Your body needs to get out in the sunlight.
Your body needs to move to release the stress.
Your body needs to have opportunities to have stillness, to be in a relaxed state.

You live in a society that is go, go, go. You not only need to build in that BEING aspect, but you also need to be okay with it.

I often hear the leaders I work with say things like:

“I know, but I really didn’t do much.”

However, to me, the art of doing nothing is really important. So then I ask the question:

“But were you relaxed?”

They are often surprised when they answer that yes, they were. 

With that in mind, over the next seven days, I invite you to be thinking about

What is it that my body needs right now in order for it to be physically fit? To allow me just to be? To allow me to relax?

Once you know what your body needs, you need to tune into it. Your body is sending you messages all of the time. It could be:

  • A headache coming on
  • An upset stomach
  • Tense shoulders

Think about that. When you live in your head for too long, your shoulders get tight and raise themselves. But when you are relaxed, they are nice and loose.

Over the next seven days, I also invite you to do one thing that will allow you to just check into being a human being. 

I am telling you, your team will notice the difference! They will notice their fearless leader is doing some self-care, showing themself some self-compassion, and allowing themselves to be a priority. 

Have yourself a beautiful day.


Be more kind to yourself.
Be more compassionate/
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.

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