Mindful Team Building from the inside out
(Principles above personalities for the greater good)

Presentation Description:

Teams are much like families they have periods of negativity, disconnect, frustrations and mistrust. The key is whether the leadership, much like a parent, has created a safe environment for people to learn, fail, succeed, grow and communicate what is going on.

Team building empowers employees to be more self aware of how they show up with their strengths and their shortcomings, their triggers, their successes and their failures and especially focuses on how the success of the team is intertwined with their success. These 8 mindful team-building techniques will highlight their strengths, build better communication interactions and more collaborative relationships, reboot healthier success habits, address challenges, and provide reflective experiences. They will be more connected to themselves and others, more resilient, more open and receptive and make better contributions to the team in more positive and powerful ways.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Assess individual’s coping strategies
  2. Identify the coping strategies that are helpful and those that are  harmful to the team (procrastination, blaming, gossiping)
  3. Acknowledge key strengths of the individual and team and celebrate those “wins”
  4. Learn the importance of taking 100% responsibility for their thoughts, actions and reactions
  5. Learn how to navigate differences among team members with clearer communication skills
  6. Learn and implement a proven team building formula that anchors them in your vision/culture
  7. Throughout the presentation focus is on the 3 A’s; AwarenessAcceptance and Action