Using Your Physically Fit Room To Raise Your Vibration

by | Sep 24, 2021

So here we are in Week 3 of our Reinvest In YOU series. I am so excited to share with you some great strategies that are going to help you to level up your physical body.

As you know, in my book, The Powerhouse In You, as well as my presentations, my keynotes, and my coaching, are around the Four Rooms: your Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually Fit Rooms. This is thanks to a wonderful Indigenous friend, Cliff, who enlightened me on this as something his Tribe does. I’ve just simply modified it to suit what I share with you.

So now, I want you to imagine walking into your Physically Fit Room. Look around and ask yourself what is not serving you well? I know I’ve been hammering down on Netflix (I’ve been guilty of this as well) and we all talk about the “Covid 15”. We’ve are playful about it but it’s time to ask “What are we going to do now?”

We are back to fall which is a great time to implement some new routines like moving our bodies every day or committing to drinking the 8 glasses of water a day that is so important for all of our organs.

I love the title of the book “The Body Keeps The Score” because it is so true. Our bodies know how long it’s been since we’ve had enough water to drink, or enough healthy food to eat, or enough sleep to recharge.

What is your body trying to tell you?

If you are exhausted,

  • maybe you need to get up every hour and move your body?

If you are feeling like you’ve got some aches and pains:

  • Is it dehydration?
  • Is it that you haven’t been releasing the stress you’ve been holding in your body?
  • Is it about disrupted sleep and the need for a better sleep routine?

NOW is the time to do it.

We know through science that everything is energy. We want to raise that vibration of yours. No matter what is happening around us or internally what’s going to happen is that your vibration is going to be so high, you’ll be so physically fit, and you’ll be so in a zone that things will just fall off you like water off a duck.

This week I encourage you to choose one activity that is going to up-level and reinvest in you, and your Physically Fit Room, and see how you feel after practicing it for seven days.

I have lots of other resources that can help you with this. If you want more information you can:

The reason why I am encouraging you to reinvest in yourself is because


I’d love to hear from you to know what activity you are going to pick to have the greatest impact on your emotions. Send me an email ([email protected]) and let me know.

BE more kind to yourself.
BE more compassionate.
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.

Remember, you are a Powerhouse.

Wishing you a powerful week.

Resilient Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach & Retreat Facilitator

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