When’s The Last Time You Asked “How Am I Feeling”?

by | Nov 8, 2022

I am excited to bring you part 2 of our four-part “Be Intentional” series. In this series, we are looking at how you can Be Intentional in all 4 of your rooms. Continuing with that theme, you are entering your Emotionally Fit Room this week.

Don’t you love how children just speak from their hearts? They can easily say things like “I’m sad”, “I’m mad”, and “I’m so frustrated” Once they give themselves permission to feel these emotions they release them in that moment. No baggage for later.

You might remember from last week that I am a huge fan of Gary Zukav. He has authored another book called The Heart Of The Soul. Emotional Awareness. I highly recommend reading this one too. In it, he says:

Your emotions come from your energy system, not your interactions with people or things. Your emotions are the best of friends. They do not leave you. They continually bring to your attention what you need to know. The more important that information is to you, the more forceful they call to you.

Knowing this can really help you to elevate your leadership skills. The next time you have to give a presentation or even the next opportunity you have to interact with somebody, take that 10-second pause. Do that emotional spot-check that I’m always talking about and ask yourself “How am I feeling?” The probability is that whatever the emotions are may not even be related to the present day. You may be being triggered by that individual who reminds you of someone from your past.

It is really important as a leader or as a team member that you are really being intentional with how you want to feel during this interaction. However, before you can do that, you need to feel. You need to ask “what is being set off in me?” and “what’s triggering me that may not even be present day?”Once you establish what it is you are feeling, and you then feel it and release it, then you can be very intentional in this interaction. You will be able to ask yourself “how do I want to feel in this interaction?

Maybe you want to:

  • Feel courageous
  • Be able to own your power with love and compassion
  • Feel happy with yourself at the end of your interaction with this individual
  • Feel peaceful rather than feel like you are in battle with them

I’d love you to share this with your team members. Just imagine how incredible your next team meeting would be if the entire team came to the table with their intentions set!

Remember, you are a POWERHOUSE!

BE more kind to yourself. BE more loving & compassionate.


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