Where Are You On The Steps Of Self-Care?

by | Dec 13, 2022

I’m very excited to share our next four-part series. With the holidays coming up, I know it can feel like a lot of extra responsibilities. And it is! I know there are a lot of other things that get added to your already overfull plate.

As a leader, as a colleague, as a team member, as a family member, and as a friend, it can become too much. I’m really inviting you to take a look at where you are on the steps of self-care. Are you on the bottom step feeling depleted and suffering from burn out because you can’t even remember the last time you made yourself a priority?

I’m inviting you to really be gentle with yourself. Show yourself compassion whether you are on sitting on the bottom step, are halfway up the staircase, or even standing high at the top. Wherever you are, just be thee, accept it.

Make sure you bring SELF into the next month.

I’m a huge fan of “The Language Of Letting Go” by Melody Beattie. This book has the most amazing chapter on Self-Care. In it, she writes:

“The idea of giving ourselves what we want and need can be confusing especially if we have spent many years not knowing it is okay to take care of ourselves. Taking our energy and focus off others and their responsibilities is a behaviour that can be acquired. We learn it by daily practice. We begin by relaxing, by breathing deeply, and letting go of our fears enough to feel as peaceful as we can. Then we ask ourselves: What do I need to do to take care of myself right now in this moment?”

It’s time to enter into your Mentally Fit Room. The question I have for you is:

What is it that you need right now? Are there some tasks or responsibilities you could be sharing?

Maybe you are the one who always organizes the family dinner or you organize the office gathering. Given what you’ve been through as a leader over the last few years, where can you start to delegate? Where can you start to say “I’m not feeling it this year. I don’t want to do that part”?  If you are the one who always hosts, maybe there is someone else you can ask to step up to the plate. Or maybe you suggest that you just go out this year.

I think that what can happen to a lot of us is that we “should on” ourselves. With that in mind, this week I invite you not to should on yourself and to ask yourself:

Where can I bring me in this equation? What is it that I need and want in this event? In this situation? In this responsibility?

Have yourself a lovely day and remember, you are a POWERHOUSE!


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