Why You Need To Let Go Of What Your Heart Is Harbouring

by | Oct 11, 2022

As we continue with our series The Power Of Letting Go, you are entering your Emotionally Fit Room this week.

What is it that you need to let go of emotionally?

You might not realize it but whatever you don’t give yourself permission to feel, gets acted out anyway. By this I mean, if you have a resentment or a hurt, particularly about someone in your circle, what you don’t talk about, you will eventually act out and somehow that person will eventually pick up on the vibe.

So what I am inviting you to do is to be really clear about what it is you need to let go of that isn’t serving you well. It’s fall, and much like the trees, it is time for us to let go.

Entering your Emotionally Fit Room allows you to connect with what is still unfinished in your heart. Is there unresolved sadness? Anger? Hurt? Resentment?

Just as the trees allow their leaves to fall, you need to observe what you need to let go.

In Mindfulness, we talk about touch and release. This means that you observe the feeling and then you simply release it. You don’t get caught up in your head about why you feel a particular way, but rather you acknowledge that you feel a certain way.

It is okay if you don’t know what you are feeling. That is the case with many people. It is really about practice. You want to make sure you are checking in with yourself on a regular basis.

My invitation to you is to ask yourself:

What do I need to let go of emotionally? Is there something that I continue to harbour? Is there something that I need to close the loop on?

Closing the loop is important because it stops the cycle of continuously thinking (ruminating) about things that don’t serve you well. If you don’t close the loop, you will continue to hold those resentments and those hurts in your heart. And we know that people can die from broken hearts along with causing physical illnesses too.

Please share this with your team. This opens the conversation up about the high importance of checking in and attending to your emotionally fit room to prevent burn out, overextending, resentments, judgement and many other blocks.

Remember, you are a POWERHOUSE!

BE more kind to yourself.
BE more loving & compassionate.


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