Build a highly engaged workforce

Are you walking your talk with employee engagement or are you parachuting strategies in when things go wrong or someone jumps ship?

Your employee’s productivity is a direct reflection of how they feel about their relationship with their manager. One size fits all doesn’t work with the younger employee versus your seasoned employee.

Learn the 4 C’s of highly effective employee engagement strategies; Credibility, Communicate, Collaborate and Consistency.

Leave with a plan of action to implement with your employees to give you that competitive edge gained by retaining employees and increasing productivity by creating an engaged workforce.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn the highly successful 4 C’s of effective employee engagement.
  2. Use the 3 A’s method: acknowledge your firm’s employee engagement strengths, asses your firm’s gaps and create an action plan to create an even better engaged workforce.
  3. Learn from your colleagues the do’s and don’ts of engaged or dis-engaged workforces.