How to transform your inner critic to become your best inner coach

The #1 cause of stress is leaders and teams forgetting to do things their own way.

Simply put, they forget the power of their strengths and talents and can occasionally get bogged down with the imposter syndrome.

The more successful you or your team is the more likely you have experienced self-doubt, negativity, judgement and blame. The imposter syndrome is more common than people realize. Learn your personal sabotaging habits that prevent you from stepping in to your full potential. Learn when to listen to your inner critic and when to quiet it. This transformative technique will shift how you take on new challenges, how you connect with others, how you navigate change and how you acknowledge your successes.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn what the true definition of the imposter syndrome is
  2. Discover how your inner critic is actually rooting for you and learn how best to transform it from blaming, judging and criticizing you so you succeed
  3. Identify your common unhealthy inner critic patterns
  4. Explore how your support system may be harming you versus helping you
  5. Create a powerful inner circle that hold you accountable to live up to your full potential
  6. Implement a simple and transformative action plan that takes you from a former root canal with your inner critic to fast tracking your success