Are You Ready To Get Honest With Yourself And Speak Your Truth?

by | Apr 3, 2023

The theme of our next four-part series is “Where do you need to speak your truth in your life?” We will work on answering this question in each of your four rooms (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually fit rooms). While we are unpacking this, I want you to be thinking about things through the eyes of a child, especially when you ask yourself

Where do I need to speak my truth right now to myself?

As you move into your first room, your Mentally Fit Room, where in your mindset do you need to make some changes?

  • Are you fuelling anxiety by procrastinating too much?
  • Are you judging yourself or others a lot?
  • Are you telling an old story that you should be letting go of?

It is really important that you get honest when thinking about your current mindset. Take a look at it from a place of transparency, honesty, and truth.

What do you need to be really honest with yourself about in your mentally fit room? Is there something that you need to make some changes with?

I know for me, I need to change my relationship with money. I know I have some old judgments about money. I grew up with a mom who taught me that I had to be financially independent and that things had to be black and white. I’ve carried that all of those years and now I’m trying hard to shed it. I think part of that shedding is to take a look at it and be honest with myself. I need to acknowledge that I still have some unhealthy judgments about money. I need to change that so I can be freer, more peaceful, and have a healthier relationship with money.

Now, for your homework, I’m asking you:

What is it that you need to get honest with yourself about? Where do you need to speak your truth to yourself within your mindset? Where have those old habits become unhealthy? Where have they become negative?

And when answering, don’t forget to be a childlike observer. Just speak your truth with love and kindness.

Have a beautiful day.

And remember, you are a POWERHOUSE.


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