When’s The Last Time You Really Looked Around Your Workspace?

by | May 15, 2023

So here we are, in room #3, your Physically Fit Room. Let’s get de-cluttering!

I’d like for you to take just a little look around your workspace. Do you feel energized by it? Do you feel inspired by it? Do you feel safe in it? Is it someplace that feels really good to you? If not, then ask yourself why not. Is it possible it needs to be de-cluttered? Even just a bit?

This is a good chance as a team member or as a leader to take a look around and see what is serving you and what is not serving you. From a physical point of view, as a leader, do you tend to work through your lunch or eat at your desk? If you do, you need to de-clutter that very unhealthy habit and try going for a walk. Be the power of example and not a warning for your team.

To help your team develop more healthy habits why not start a Team Water Challenge and see who can hit their water intake goals for the week? It is a great way to build your culture to be healthier and more connected. Your team will feel like you see them more.

Many of the leaders and team members I am talking to lately are commenting on how burnt out they are so what else needs to be de-cluttered? It has been shown that when you stand up, you own your power more, especially if you have to have a difficult conversation. Standing up will help you to stand in your power, own your confidence, and be that courageous person that you are.

I’d love for you to make this a topic of conversation at your next team meeting. Ask your team what they think needs to be de-cluttered in your organization. What’s not servicing the group physically?

Maybe it’s that the reception area hasn’t been painted in decades and that something as simple as some blue paint might help to soothe stressed-out team members.

Maybe a bit of money needs to be spent to get a small indoor fountain to help bring Zen energy.

Maybe some plants could be added to the reception area or to the offices to help make the spaces feel more relaxing.

Spring is such a beautiful time to ask yourself what is and isn’t working and to de-clutter what isn’t serving you well. Doing this will allow you to create the kind of organization, the kind of team, and the kind of focus that you deserve.

Have a beautiful day and take care of you.

And remember, you are a POWERHOUSE.


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