Are You Ready To De-Clutter Your Heart From Past Hurts?

by | May 15, 2023

This week, we are looking at decluttering your Emotionally Fit Room. As you enter your room, ask yourself how you are feeling.

I love those times when I give myself permission to just check in with myself. I invite you to do that right now. What is it that you are feeling right now? What feels unfinished?

In my book, The Powerhouse Women who show great resilience, courage, and confidence, I talk about putting applesauce uncovered in the back of your fridge. Weeks later, you start looking for the source of the smell in your fridge. You find that container and when you take it out, you see that while the applesauce is still there, it is now covered by a layer of stinky, furry stuff. The same thing happens to the negative emotions in your heart. If you leave them there unchecked, they will grow a stinky layer and stay there until you deal with them.

For some of those thoughts, the only way to deal with them is through forgiveness.

If you were to declutter your heart, where is there forgiveness that needs to happen for yourself, for a colleague, for your leader, or for your team? Were there mistakes made or unkind words shared?

I love that there are two primary feelings: love and fear. At some point, whether it is while journaling about a hurt that you feel or an action taken (or not taken), you will feel one of these two emotions.

You work so intimately together as team members. Sometimes you spend more time with your team than you do with your family. This is why it is so important that you give grace, be it to yourself or to your team. The way to grow with grace is to declutter your emotions.

It always amazes me when I hear clients talking about things they have held onto for years, even decades. With that in mind, I ask you: what are you holding on to that is not serving you well be it with family, friends, colleagues, or superiors? By hanging on to these past hurts you are actually robbing yourself of your joy.

Your homework this week is forgiveness. I know this may seem impossible. This could involve something like forgiving yourself for pushing yourself too hard or forgiving someone else for not showing up in a way you deserved.  For this exercise, I just want you to stay with the emotion and not start thinking about what you need to do with it, yet.

It is so important that you get out how you feel, which is the purpose of your homework. Allowing yourself the time and the space to go inwards gives you the opportunity to feel what you feel. If you don’t create space in your day to allow yourself to feel, it will show up in your actions. You could project it out onto innocent people who do not deserve it.

Have a beautiful day.

And remember, you are a POWERHOUSE.


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