Ever Wake Up Feeling Physically Hungover?

by | May 25, 2021

Do you ever wake up feeling like you are hungover and you haven’t had a drop to drink? Like you are even more tired than you were when you went to bed (as if that were even possible)?

Have I got news for you.

A physical hangover can be caused by more than just overindulging in alcohol. That awful feeling can also be caused by:

  • Too much sugar
  • Too much sodium
  • Too much flour and
  • Not enough movement

We all do it. We are tired and feel overwhelmed so we grab some takeout on the way home. Then we just plop on the couch to binge-watch the latest Netflix series and try to escape life for a few hours. And then we wake up the next morning with a physical hangover to go with our emotional hangover.

So, with that in mind, I invite you to:

Try to do one thing for seven days that will help you to kick that physical hangover feeling and have a positive effect on your mental health and well-being.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Go to bed at a regular time
  • Cut out the sugar
  • Don’t eat after 7:00 pm
  • Get up and move your body

I already know which one I’m going to try. How about you?

I’d love to hear what you are going to do to kick that physical hangover feeling to the curb where it belongs. Send me an email ([email protected]) and let me know which action you chose and how you felt at the end of the week.

BE more kind to yourself.
BE more compassionate.
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.

Remember, you are a POWERHOUSE.

Cheering for your success,

Resilient Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach & Retreat Facilitator

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