Put The Focus Back On You: Your Body Keeps Score?

by | Jul 20, 2022

Today, we continue to put the focus back on you as their leader, but this time from your Physically Fit Room.

The question you need to ask yourself is:

What is it that you need to let go of in order to lean into being the best version of yourself?

Here’s the deal:

Your body is full of wisdom. It also keeps score. That means that whatever you aren’t talking about or that you aren’t releasing is now stuck in your body.

I found myself waking up this morning with so much tension in my lower back and I asked myself “What’s that about?” During my Mindful Practice I realized that I had to let go.

Here is a really cool thing I’m going to invite you to consider:

What’s the one activity that is going to have the greatest impact for you to let go in order for you to lean into your own health and well being as a leader?

For some, their lunchtime routine is key. For me, my morning routine is critical:

  1. Get right out of bed
  2. Do my meditation
  3. Get on my bike or the elliptical machine

That routine is a way of keeping myself constantly releasing my stress. Stress keeps coming at us. We are bombarded all of the time with stress. As a leader, don’t you find that whether you are working from home, working from the office, or a combination of the two, it seems like there is no beginning, no middle, and no end anymore.

That is why I am inviting you to ask yourself:

What is your body telling you RIGHT NOW?


What’s going to be the one activity that is going to have the greatest impact for you to release your stress so you can then be able to lean in to what it is that you need to do?

Have yourself a beautiful day.


Be more kind to yourself.
Be more compassionate.
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.


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