t’s Time To Celebrate Your Resilience

by | Mar 13, 2023

I am so excited that this happens to be International Women’s Month. When I was thinking about the 4 part series for this month, I was thinking about who I could interview. What female leaders or team members could I be questioning? And then it hit me. It needs to be YOU!

This week we are going to talk about resilience. This is an excellent opportunity for you to reflect on how you’ve been resilient throughout the circus you lived through, and still continue to live through, The following week, I’m going to interview you again about how in fact you’ve been so courageous during this time. In week 3, we are going to talk about confidence. And week 4, well that one is a surprise.

So let’s get started with Resilience. Imagine that we are sitting across from each other in front of a roaring fire and I ask you:

How have you been resilient during this time? What is it that you specifically did? What were you thinking, feeling, and doing that allowed you to be resilient?

That’s something to think about, isn’t it? I want you to recognize the resilience skills within yourself.

With the leaders that I coach, along with their teams, I am noticing a serious theme. They are all so busy with their heads down, like a horse at the track, just trying to get through the race. However, they don’t have time to acknowledge the great things that they do, the natural thing that they do, to help themselves through difficult times.

So where have you been resilient? More specifically, what have you been doing? Are you:

  • Really protective of your weekends and your family time?
  • Sticking to your cut-off times when it comes to work emails and texts?
  • Giving yourself mental health days?

Over the next 7 days,I’d like you to be thinking about where in fact you have been resilient.

If you are a male leader or a male team member you can still do this yourself, however, since it is International Women’s Month, I’d like you to be thinking about a female in your life who is very significant to you and recognize, observe, and pay attention to her patterns and then be able to hold up a mirror so they can see how they have in fact been resilient.

The dilemma is that so much time is spent thinking about what still needs to be done that no time is spent realizing what is being done well.

So there are 2 things for your homework:

  1. Recognize where you’ve been resilient
  2. Share that with someone and pay witness to yourself and the fact that you’ve done it well.

Please share with your team and with other leaders so that they can see just how resilient they really are too.

Have a beautiful day.


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