What Are The Things That Physically Allow You To Belong To Yourself?

by | Jun 21, 2022

The photo above is where my sense of belonging is. It is one of the things I love to do physically. I love to get in the dirt and play in the garden. It brings me such joy.

Here is the question I’d like you to ask yourself as you enter your physically fit room with the overarching theme of belonging:

What are the things that physically allow you to belong to you?

If you came to me and said that you were tired and not sleeping well, I’d suggest that you take a look at your environment and where it physically needs to be decluttered so you can belong to you. So you can rest well.

Another example from your physically fit room is those three white deaths: sugar, flour, and salt. Indulging in too much of one of those, can deplete your energy, and not allow you to belong to yourself. You aren’t allowing yourself to shine through in those meetings. You aren’t allowing yourself to be able to be grounded for a difficult or courageous conversation you need to have with someone.

My invitation to you over the next seven days, is to head over to your Physically Fit Room and think about and take action on these three questions:

  • What is going to help you to remember that you belong to you?
  • What activities will align you with who you are (for me it’s gardening)?
  • What is it that connects you to you?

Have yourself a beautiful day.


BE more kind to yourself.
BE more compassionate.
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.

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