What Do You Want To Experience To Bring Yourself Joy Over The Holidays?

by | Dec 26, 2022

In keeping with this month’s theme of Self Care, this week you are heading into your Spiritually Fit Room.

I would like you to be thinking about what brings you joy. One thing that brings me joy at this time of year is the lights. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also bring out the joyfulness in people’s spirits and the generosity in their hearts.

It is important for me to declutter my soul. To do that, I must look at what is not serving me well. This includes looking at relationships that aren’t serving me well and thoughts that are not serving me well.

This is a great chance as a leader, as a team member, as a family member, and as a colleague to take a look and see where the joy is at. Ask yourself:

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being high and 10 being low) how much have I been experiencing joy lately?

If you feel like your number is low, then ask yourself:

If I were to move that just one over, what would I be thinking, feeling, and doing differently?

Here is a hypothetical case for you: You’ve given yourself a low score because everything feels like a chore and you feel like you have so much pressure on you. You feel like there is no joy right now.

This is where I’d invite you to be thinking about:

What is one thing I could be doing differently?

Maybe it’s being intentional with who you connect with over the holiday season.  Is there someone you need to detach with love? Is there something or someone you need to let go of?

Decluttering your soul means being able to allow yourself to have joys. For me, joy is about being in the moment. Surround yourself with people who are joyful and younger in their spirit.

I invite you to share what it is that you need to do from a self care perspective to experience more joy in your life.

Have yourself a beautiful day and remember, you are a POWERHOUSE!


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