What Drains Your Energy As A Leader?

by | Jul 27, 2022

Here’s a question for you:

What drains your energy as a leader?

You have now entered your fourth room, your Spiritually Fit Room. Our overarching theme for this four-part series is putting the focus back on you, as their fearless leader, and pouring into your own wellbeing.

One of the things we talk about in mindfulness is to have that beginner’s mind. Think about your first day in this role as a leader: how exciting it was, how curious it was, how great of an observer you were of what was and what wasn’t happening.

My invitation to you is to be an observer in your life. Ask yourself:

What activities, what people, what events, fill your spirit up?

There is a reason why the Spiritually Fit Room is at the foundation of your four rooms. Since you can only fake it until you make it for so long, it is crucial to keep your spirit full. So what I want you to be thinking about is

What people, what places, are in fact draining my energy?

If you are like most leaders right now, you are in burnout, or at least in the recovery stage.

I’m inviting you to step be and be that owl rising above it all and noticing

What really is draining your energy?
What are you observing here?

I had one leader say to me that they were tired of being the HR person, the cheerleader, the tech person, and that they were tired of doing it all.

These are habits that you, as a leader, can fall into when you are trying so hard to support your team. You see them burning out and so you take on extra roles to support them.

You need to fire yourself from those extra roles because they aren’t healthy for you.

Whatever it is that you aren’t feeling good about is what is draining your energy. What do you need to step back and say yes to filling your cup in this way.

It could be:

  • Rest
  • Eating healthier
  • Detaching with love and letting people get uncomfortable with decisions they’ve made

Sometimes being a leader can be a bit like being a parent because you want to swoop in and take away their pain. However, what that does is rob them of the very experience of the lesson they need to learn. Maybe they need to learn to set boundaries.

Or maybe you do.

Have yourself a beautiful day.


Be more kind to yourself.
Be more compassionate/
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.


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