What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

by | Jul 28, 2021

We know that our bodies have this amazing wisdom to know when something isn’t right. And just like a car whose check engine light comes on, our bodies give us signs too that tell us it’s time to pull over and check things out. The struggle is in recognizing those signs and listening to them.

Here are just a few ways our bodies tell us that something is out of alignment:

* We get headaches
* Our necks hurt
* Our back hurts
* We feel physically hung over

Now that we know some of the signs to watch for, let’s walk into our Physically Fit Room and pay attention.

What have your aches and pains been trying to tell you lately?

* That you are overdoing it?
* Too much sitting and not enough stretching?
* That you need a better sleep routine?

People who are working from home are experiencing more “blur days“. We don’t want “blur days”. We’ve got to get up and move to stretch our body,

So once again, I invite you to take that 10-second pause that I am always talking about and ask yourself this:

What is it that your physical body is trying to tell you?

Once you know that, the next step is to decide what activity you’re going to do that Is going to have the biggest impact on your Physically Fit Room.

I’d love to hear what you are going to pay attention to and what activity you are going to try to commit to doing for the next 7 days. Comment below.

BE more kind to yourself.
BE more compassionate.
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.

Remember, you are a Powerhouse.

Wishing you a powerful week.

Resilient Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach & Retreat Facilitator

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