Which Holiday Hack Will Fill Your Spiritual Cup?

by | Dec 23, 2021

Looking through the lens of a leader/team member, where is your spirit undernourished? What fills your spirit up? What allows you to feel alive? Joyful? Happy? Peaceful?

We have become “human doers” rather than “human be-ings.”

Connecting with our spirit is about being in the precious present one breathe at a time. 

Holiday Hack #1:

Imagine if, at the start of every meeting you have, everyone takes a big belly breath, allowing themselves to get centered, and ask the question “What is my intention here? How can I show my best self at this meeting?” Imagine the conflict reduction, more focus, and empathy.

It’s about slowing down. Our society is so fast-paced. Everywhere we turn we are being bombarded and overstimulated. To me, being in your Spiritually Fit Room is about peace. It’s about connecting with our hearts. Connecting with what matters.

Holiday Hack #2

Think about the next meeting you are having. Invite your team to do this impactful exercise.

  • By the time we meet, spend at least 20 minutes outside walking.
  • Go out and greet Mother Nature with an open heart and a beginner’s mind.
  • Come back and share two things that you noticed that really made your heart smile.

This exercise is a wonderful way of connecting people to their spirit, connecting them collectively to their teams, and reminding them that everything is manageable. Everything is doable, just one moment at a time.

Holiday Hack #3:

Your headspace just keeps scrolling through everything that you have to do, always focusing on what is next to come. And then anxiety shows up when you are overloaded to tell you that you can’t trust the process of life. However, being in the moment, you would be able to trust that everything is going to work out for your highest good and the highest good of those around you.

Holiday Hack #4:

So much is coming at you, try asking yourself “what are the things that bring me joy?” 

Create a joy list and share it with your colleagues/ team/friends. This impactful sharing connects us, allows for space for more joy, hope, love, and especially compassion.

Why not get together and write a collective joy list? Each person commits to one thing they can check off on their joy list over the next 24 hours.

This is the time during the holidays where you need to be depositing into yourself. Self-compassion isn’t just something to be thrown in once in a while. It needs to be daily.

I’d love to hear which of these Holiday Hacks you plan on using this season. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

BE more kind to yourself.
BE more compassionate.
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.

Remember, you are a Powerhouse.

Wishing you a powerful week.

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