Are You Ready To Flex Your Confidence Muscles?

by | Mar 21, 2023

Here we are on week 3. This week we are talking about confidence. Don’t forget that I am interviewing you. Here’s your first question:

Where have you had confidence in your life? Where did it come from?

This is an important time for you to acknowledge yourself and to acknowledge the females in your life, and how they suited up even if their knees were shaking and their heart was going a mile a minute.

I want you to think about those times. What did you do to be able to embody that confidence? Was it:

  • The Momma bear in you?
  • That you had decided that you were just going to play full out?

Being a leader or a team member doesn’t mean that you are confident all of the time. However, there are certain habits and strategies we can develop to up our confidence.

I actually just spoke with the Global RBC leaders and one of the things I spoke to them about was their posture. That in itself is something that can help embody confidence. So if I go into a meeting, be it online or in person, and my body language has me looking all soft and exhausted, we need to be mindful of being able to bring the shoulders back, open up the heart, and pull the belly button up to the spine.

To really embody confidence starts with the mind, the body, and the emotion.

I’m inviting you to be thinking about where you have been confident in your life. Maybe you:

  • Said no really quickly
  • Were able to say yes
  • Were confidently able to say “I’m enough now

This has been a huge theme with many of the leaders and the teams I’ve been working with. It’s that internal dialogue of never feeling like it’s enough. Part of it is that they have reclaimed their power, which is the work I do with people. It is about saying “It is enough. I’m doing the very best I can with what I have in front of me.”

There is a muscle about confidence. As you know, I talk about your four rooms (mentally, emotionally, physically fit, and spiritually fit rooms) and often ask “How am I physically releasing the stress from my body?”. If you are getting worn out by that stress and I have no outlet, it is going to be harder for me to embody that confidence.

Your homework for the next 7 days is to pay witness to yourself and the other females in your life where they embodied confidence. Pay attention to their patterns and notice what they are doing and what they are saying and let them know that you really appreciate that, whether it’s in them or in yourself.

Have a beautiful day.

And remember, you are a POWERHOUSE.


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