If I’m Worthy, What Does That Mean?

by | Jan 10, 2023

We are in Week 2 of our “Worthy Now” series for this month.

This week, I am inviting you to take a MINIMUM of 2 Emotional Spot Checks every day just to ask yourself:

How am I feeling? What’s up?

As a leader or as a team member, you have a lot of pressure as you are being pulled like a  Gumby doll.

The key is about remembering that you are WORTHY NOW. The dilemma is that when you don’t do your emotional spot checks throughout the day you can start to get a wall that goes up around your heart and you feel wounded. Left untreated, this wound could eventually lead to resentment. This in turn leads to feeling disconnected from your teammate, your supervisor, or even worse, yourself.

I hear from many of the leaders that I coach, that sometimes everything can build up for so long resulting in fracturing a relationship in their family( spouse/ children) or a colleague. Doing regular emotional spot checks can help prevent this build-up.

Your homework is to look through that lens of I’M WORTHY NOW,

If I’m worthy, what does that mean? It means that: I am worthy of making myself a priority and that I am worthy of doing this Emotional Spot Check.

I can almost see you rolling your eyes and hear you saying “Okay Cate. I’ll try it” but I guarantee it will make a difference. Once you start checking in with yourself you will notice that there is some emotional stuff coming up.

I feel hurt by what that team member said.
I feel rejected by a comment that was made.
I feel angry or hurt when …

By having this emotional awareness you can then take appropriate action: committing to journal about it, zoom or reach out to a coach or a therapist.

If you keep it in for too long and don’t believe you are worthy to do your emotional check-ins, everybody loses. What you don’t give yourself permission to feel, shows up in your actions anyway. I remember hearing once that tears that are not expressed leak out through organs. They turn into that pain in the next or those stomach problems.

Again, your homework this week is to look through the lens of Worthy Now and make a point of doing at least 2 emotional check-ins everyday as a leader. Ask yourself:

What’s up?
How am I feeling?
What do I need right now?

Have yourself a beautiful day and remember, you are a POWERHOUSE!


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