Speaking Your Own Truth Can Involve Difficult Conversations With Yourself

by | Apr 11, 2023

This month’s theme is speaking your own truth to yourself.

Now imagine yourself walking into your Emotionally Fit Room. What is the truth about how you feel right now? Is there something you are avoiding? Is there something you are obsessing over? Is there an emotion you are stuck in? Anger? Hurt? Resentment? Maybe you are stuck in anxiety or worry or fear.

My invitation to you is to have that honest and authentic conversation with yourself.

What do you need right now emotionally? Do you need to sit and journal? Do you need to get honest about a comment that hurt you? Do you keep getting stuck in that old pattern that makes you feel alone, or lacking courage and confidence?

Having these truthful conversations, or as some like to call them “Truth Bombs”, allows you to take that necessary pause, bring your gaze inwards, and ask yourself what is the truth about how you feel or what you are avoiding right now.

As a leader or as a team member, it is easy to get on that stress treadmill and forget about how you feel, to forget about checking in with yourself. But you need to take this time and speak your truth to yourself because within that truth lies the answer to how you’ve been behaving or the rabbit hole you’ve gone down or that you are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied.

When I’m in my Emotionally Fit Room and I’m journaling about how I feel, or I’m sharing with a trusted advisor, or sharing with someone who will really hold the space for me to get out what I need to get out, is the wings behind me growing with grace.

My invitation to you is to ask yourself:

What is my truth right now?
What am I obsessing about emotionally?
What is it that I haven’t let go of?

And then I invite you to ask yourself what is it that you need to get really honest about. Maybe you need to hire a coach or a therapist. Maybe you need to stop telling yourself the same thing over and over again because it’s causing you emotional pain.

I absolutely love the saying “People are as happy as they choose to be” and I think that we really need to take a look at that. What do you think? Was George Washington on to something? I definitely think he was.

This is a great newsletter to share with your team so please feel free to forward it. It has the power to help someone make that head-and-heart connection. It is the longest journey they will ever make, and by far the most important.

Have a beautiful day.

And remember, you are a POWERHOUSE.


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