How Long Has It Been Since You Last Checked Your Physical Patterns?

by | Feb 14, 2023

Continuing with our theme of Paying Attention To Your Patterns, you will now enter your Physically Fit Room.

Do any of these sound familiar? Could they be your pattern?

  • I’m too tired so I don’t work out
  • I know I should have a sleep routine but I still walk around exhausted all of the time
  • I know I need to do a detox or a cleanse. I know I need to minimize my sugar. But I keep getting off track

Pay attention to that pattern. Also, pay attention to your pattern of what happens when you do increase that muscle of discipline. See what happens when you:

  • Get up in the morning and move your body
  • Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day
  • Cut back on your sugar intake

Really pay attention to your body when you are doing things to nourish it properly. Notice if you feel more energized, patient, relaxed or rested. I love the saying “We are actually a soul with a body and not a body with a soul”.

As you are spending time in your Physically Fit Room, really be an observer of your patterns. Focus on the specifics of how your body felt the last time you:

  • Worked out consistently
  • Maintained good sleep hygiene
  • Cut back on The 3 White Deaths (salt, sugar, flour)

Don’t you want to feel more focused as a leader? Don’t you want to have more energy as a team member? Paying attention to your patterns is the way to do it.

This is a great exercise to do as a team. Ask the following questions:

What are my patterns?
What trips me up and prevents me from doing the very thing I know I feel good about?

Now share the answers with your team. You may help someone else uncover their patterns. You may also get a good suggestion on how to interrupt a pattern that isn’t serving you well.

We know that consistency rocks. The key is getting clear about your pattern so you can then interrupt it.

Have yourself a beautiful day and remember that YOU ARE A POWERHOUSE!


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