Some Things Are Just Too Good To Not Say Twice

by | Apr 19, 2022

With Mental Health Week on the horizon, my Powerful Journey team and I are hard at work creating all kinds of useful resources for you.

We actually have so many great ideas that we are making Mental Health Week into Mental Health Month. Stay tuned as we will be bringing you some incredible tips on how you and your team can use your four rooms (Mentally Fit Room, Emotionally Fit Room, Physically Fit Room, and Spiritually Fit Room) to preserve and protect your mental health throughout the entire month of May!

To allow ourselves time to put together an incredible lineup of content, we are going to be going back into the vault for the next two weeks and bringing back two of our most popular 4 part series.

This week, we are taking another look at our “Create And Live The Life You Deserve” series. It is jam-packed with game-changing strategies to help you create and live the life you deserve. Here’s a little summary of what you will learn:

Part One: Visit your Mentally Fit Room and see why It’s Your Time To Create And Live The Life You Deserve.

Part Two: Visit your Emotionally Fit Room and ask yourself: So You’ve Got Your Head In The Game: Now What?

Part Three: Visit your Physically Fit Room and see if you are Ready To Reap The Rewards Of Letting Go Of Unhealthy Habits.

Part Four: Visit your Spiritually Fit Room and Start Saying No Instead Of Giving In to Yes.

I hope that you will take a few minutes and revisit this series. These four steps will not only set you on the right path to living the life you deserve, but they are also great ways of reclaiming your power as you find clarity in what you want in your life.

I will leave you with this one last thought:

Clarity leads to a Plan of action and Action leads to Success!

Remember, you are a POWERHOUSE!

BE more kind to yourself.
BE more compassionate.
Be more forgiving.
Be more loving.

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PS – I’ve combined all four videos into a Playlist on Youtube so you just need to click here to find them all.